Ann Swann Personnel

Staffing Services

Staffing Services

  • Permanent / Temporary / Contract and Labour Staff Recruitment

    Generalist positions across the board in all sectors and industries

  • Curriculum Vitae and Candidate Screening

    Professional and consistent CV layout of verified information

  • Performance Based Interviews

    Face-to-Face Interviews and candidate screening

  • Labour Broking Services

    Recruitment / On-site contract management / Industrial Relations / VIP Payroll

  • Advertising Response Handling

    Candidate screening as per clients’ requirements

  • Compilation of Professional Curriculum Vitae

    Candidate information checked and verified before submitting to clients

  • Temporary Staffing Payroll on VIP System

    Temporary and Contract Staff / Payroll Services for Clients / Payslips / Benefits / Deductions

  • Microsoft Office Skills Testing

    Microsoft Office Word / PowerPoint / Excel and Typing Skills

  • Disability Recruitment

    Specialised recruitment of disabled candidates / Advising clients on disability requirements

  • Reference Checks

    Candidate information verified and performance confirmed from prior employers

  • Verification Checks – Lexis Nexis RefCheck

    Credit/Criminal/Academic/ per customer requirements

  • Internet Advertising Portals and Social Media Advertising

    Website / Facebook / LinkedIn / PNET / Executive Placements / Adverts linked to various sites

Permanent Staffing

Fees & Guarantees

Permanent placement fees are calculated at a percentage of the annual cost to company salary plus VAT at the current rate of 15%. 

A 90-day guarantee period is standard on all permanent placements with the option for us to replace the candidate.  

Should we be unable to replace, the credit to the client is implemented as follows:

  • 1st Month 75%,
  • 2nd month 50%
  • 3rd month 25%.

Discounted rates and guarantees can be negotiated depending on the services required.

All fees and guarantees will be noted in the Service Level Agreement to be signed by both parties.

The guarantee will only apply should a candidate leave the company within the standard or negotiate guarantee period from commencement of employment to the resignation or if the candidate is dismissed fairly and in accordance with applicable Labour Legislation.

Temporary Staffing / Contract / Labour Staffing Services

Fees & Guarantees

We are the legal employers of temporary staff sent to clients and as such we are responsible for the payroll and required legal deductions.   

Our charge is a percentage mark-up of the rate paid to the temp calculated in line with market related salaries and quoted accordingly.

This charge includes the benefits that we are obliged to comply with, plus an amount to cover our administration process and costs.  

Rates are negotiated and quoted per assignment.   

All rates noted in the Service Level Agreement and signed by both parties.

Terms and Conditions

In the event of our Temp being employed either permanently or on another contract, by our client company or any other associated firm or an individual within 180 days from the last day of an assignment, the client shall be liable for our placement fee or further temp charges.   

Hours worked must be recorded on our timesheets then verified and signed at the end of each week or month.  

Signing the timesheet is deemed acceptance of our terms and conditions. 

Negotiated or discounted terms and conditions will be noted in our Service Level Agreement.


We shall endeavour to do all things reasonable in order to provide a professional service.  

We adhere to the Basic Conditions of Employment and the Labour Relations Act.  

We will not however be liable for any loss or damage that may be sustained by a Client and arising directly or indirectly from any act or omission by any potential candidate or candidate placed with the Client.

Section 198(4) of the LRA, section 82(3) of the BCEA section 57(2) of the EEA provide that in the event of a contravention of the acts by either party, the Client and the Service Provider will be jointly and severally liable.


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